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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Building Playlists for Mp3Tunes

I'm still uploading music to mp3tunes. My sync has been going strong for three days. Well it crashed twice, but that was expected. I've never had a program run that long and not crash.

Since I've been waiting for my music to upload I haven't had a real chance to play with all the features of mp3tunes & oboe. I did however, discover that you can create your own playlists for all of your online content. The only thing you need to do is pull the keys for the mp3s you want to play from your oboecache file located in your home directory. Once you have these keys you can download any song you want without sync'ing.

I used this feature to build a playlist for each album I'm currently uploading. Using the playlist, you are able to listen to your original mp3, and aren't limited to the 128kbs stream the flash player feeds you. I know you can choose to have mp3tunes stream your music via playlist, but that doesn't help if you want to listen to a full album and dont have a playlist set up for it.

To remedy this, I've created a vb script that scans your oboecache file and creates a m3u playlist for each album it contains. You could easily customize it to create playlists based on artist, or genre.

You can find the code here. Use it at your own risk.


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