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Friday, March 24, 2006

Ahh, The Goodness That Is Google Reader

I use Google Reader simply because one of my good tech buddies highly recommended it to me. He absolutely loves it and won't stop talking about how much he uses it.

Wait... reverse that last part. Here's a little tid-bit from one of our last chats...
Mark: that's because reader sucks
me: Bite your tongue
Mark: I 'might' use reader if they offered a mark all as read option
Mark is absolutely right. However, I like it enough to be able to over look the lacking "mark all as read" option. I like the way reader is set up. I like the way it handles podcasts and photo feeds. I love the new keyboard shortcuts for displaying labels. Its fast, sleek, simple and powerful... Adding a "mark all as read" option would greatly simplify things though.

What if I step away from my news for a weekend? I come back on Monday with a deluge of news begging to be read. Well when you have hundreds and hundreds of articles staring at you, you have to make some sacrifices. I tend to read the important stuff (friends, key news) and mark everything else as read. Unfortunately, for me to do that now, I have to click each item to make it go away. Very time consuming and above all else ANNOYING.


Let me just mention one more cool thing that Reader has implemented. They now offer the ability to share a group of feeds, or posts that you subscribe to. For example, on my blog you can now see what my friends are posting. Take a look. You simply select the feeds you want to share inside reader, then google creates a widget for you to add to your website.

Does NewsGator do that Mark?


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Mark Deffenbaugh said...

No NewsGator doesn't do that - Rojo doesn't either. I don't like how Google puts a little "Read in Google Reader" thing at the bottom. I also don't really like it because it requires step 2:

1. Add some url to delicious and tag it with a certain tag.

2. The rss feed for that tag is added to Google Reader so everytime I add something I have to "read" it to mark it as read (since they don't have a "mark all as read" - stupid)

3. Everything in Reader tagged with that special tag is then "shared" and automatically updated on my blog.

The best way would be for delicious to add an option to view items with certain tags via Javascript. Now that would be cool.

On another note: I see that since I am no longer a co-worker/work friend you have created a "tech buddies" category to place me in since I don't fall under non-work friends.

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