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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


My neighbors directly above us are very nice people. We talk a lot and generally get along well. Their friends however, are smokers. Which is fine, I couldn't care less. The problem, however, is the fact that they seem uninhibited when it comes to discarding their cigarette butts over the railing of our upstairs neighbor’s balcony. The butts often end up on our patio. The fact they fall on our patio isn't that much of a bother. I sweep it regularly since leaves and other debris continually pile up when the wind blows. The problem is that the butts keep collecting in the grass around our patio.

One or two butts in the grass is fine, but they pile up quick. I could go outside and count 100 butts easy. There must be thousands. They never get picked up by the grounds crew because they are so small. They also seem to avoid destruction from the lawn mowers. Unless someone was to go out on their hands and knees and pick up each individual butt, they will be there to stay and continually multiply.

Why is it so easy for a smoker to toss a cigarette but and not care about what happens to it when it leaves their tobacco stenched fingers? Why are cigarettes butts not considered litter? The next time you’re at a stop light look out your window and notice the pile of butts at the base of the curb your next too. Its ridiculous and it needs to stop.


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