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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday Drive

We were driving out to a local paint store to possibly find matches for the colors that are already on our walls, and or, find some new colors for our office. We were about one block from our destination when, BLAM!, we slammed into a lady who decided to run a red light.

The accident happened in this intersection. We were driving west on Gravois, and the lady who ran the red light was coming out of the Shnucks parking lot heading north on Valcour. We were in the left lane, and there was a van just behind us in the right lane.

All of the witnesses said the lady first stopped at her red, then proceeded to drive through it into traffic. The lady seemed to be "not all there". She wouldn't respond to questions, and just seemed weird. Of course this was after she just got t-boned in the middle of an intersection.

So our light was green. It was green for a while, we were in fact driving up to the green light. Then we notice this car in the middle of the intersection, right in front of us. My Fiancé was driving, and she immediately slammed on the brakes. It wasn't enough though, and we still hit the rear left quarter panel of her car and sent her a little sideways in the process. We immediately stopped during the collision. Since we were already slowing down, our impact wasn't that great.

Her car kept going. She wasn't on the brake at all and continued thought the intersection at almost full speed. This is when the van that was behind us and to the right of us slammed into her at full speed. The van hit the front left quarter panel of her car. At the time, van was in the process of passing us so was probably going twice as fast as we were. The forward momentum of the van carried the ladies car into the traffic light pole and pinned her there.

[Caution, this story is about to get gross.] I looked around after the collision and saw a big chunk of hair on the lady's passenger side window. It looked as if someone's head had hit the window and part of their scalp was stuck to it. I like to watch gory movies, but when I saw the chunk of hair, I almost vomited. The only thing I could think of was call 911. Before I even knew it, I had dialed 911 and was on the phone with a dispatcher. After I got off the phone, I went out to check on her.

It turns out that chuck of hair wasn't a piece of scalp. The impact had knocked the poor ladies wig off. It was the wig that was stuck to the window.

In the next minute there were fire trucks and an ambulance. In the next 5 minutes, a tow truck. In the next 5 minutes, everything was cleaned up.

The van was driven by an older couple in their 60's, and they had an even older lady in their back seat. She was taken to the hospital, but everyone else was OK. We escaped with the least amount of damages, but the other two cars are defiantly totaled.

BTW: The paint store was closed.


At 2:18 PM, Blogger J. said...

Man that sucks. Are you guys alright?

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Yeah, we're fine. However, our insurance company has yet to successfully contact the other two drivers. It's a bit weird given we all use the same insurance.

Why were we the only ones that called our insurance company? I feel like we're about to get screwed somehow.


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